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Who Can Resist Shibori? The Art of Acid Dying Fabric -- Ali Pate -- $92.50

Shibori is a Japanese word used to describe a resist style of dyeing.   This class will explore four  specific techniques of resist dyeing in acid dyes, while visiting color theory.  Each class we will create samples of the four techniques to be utilized in a culmination project in our final session.  This final project will emphasize the elements and principles of design by demonstrating your new technical ability in Shibori.

Each class will review an example of the resist process often used in Shibori.  In class we will create a fabric sample using the technique featured for that week.  Samples will be made in a few fibers to demonstrate the saturation of acid dyes.  We will review our color theory by calculating our acid dye to fabric ratio.  The dyes will become reactive to the fibers by adding heat.  Samples will need to cool before we remove the resist object from the fabric.  The following class we will set the dye and rinse any excess dye from the fabric due to potential miscalculation.  As we create more samples we will begin to build colors and layers of dye.  We will repeat a similar timeline for each class until the final session.  We will have many samples from previous classes to complete our last dye bath.  I will chemically set each students work for pick after shortly after the final session.  

Materials  Cost: $35

Please wear clothes they are comfortable potentially getting dyed. An Apron is helpful. 


Ali Pate was raised in Western Pennsylvania where her love for creativity and the process of making was apparent from a young age.  Ali pursued fine arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she earned a BFA in 2003 with a concentration in ceramics and a minor in fibers and a MA in 2007 with a concentration in fibers and a minor in drawing.  This university experience encouraged Ali to explore theoretical concepts related to the creation of fine arts.  Upon the completion of an MA, Ali became the Professor of Fibers, as well as the Director of Museums and Galleries at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Later, in 2008 Ali moved to Denver.  Since this move to Denver, Ali has created many bodies of fine artwork for exhibition world wide.  She continues to explore the theories and concepts directly connected to process motivated objects. Today, Ali utilizes her love for process motivated works by preparing hand dyed yarns that enable others to build projects that reflect their creative energy.


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