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Kinetic Drawing for Accuracy -- Michael Keyes -- $92.00

"Loose and light, 'til you get it right!"

In this class we will put pencil to paper, make light lines in a flowing manner, and observe the shapes and their interactions, as we develop, build, and sculpt beautiful drawings.  The foundation of a good drawing is a combination of “mapping it out,” and building correct value relationships in the drawing. 

Concepts of observation, composition, perspective, measuring, “positive and negative” shapes, shading, and line quality will be discussed and implemented in the class.

Supplies needed for the class are: a combination of 6 or more good #2 or HB pencils, and 2b,4b, 6b, 8b pencils and erasers (both hand-held and pencil-top), and a utility knife for sharpening the pencils.

We will be working primarily with a still life setup, for practice with the basics, but we can also work from photo references.  For sake of discussion in the first class, please bring a photo of the subject matter that you are interested in drawing.

Woodcut Printmaking and Linoleum Block -- Michael Keyes -- $92.00


Participants will be introduced to the process of woodcut printmaking, from constructing an effective drawing, preparing the block, transferring the drawing to the woodblock, cutting and gouging the block, to printing the image on suitable paper. In place of a press, we will be use the hand-printing process of a barren, or wooden teflon spoon. The goal will be to produce a small edition of beautiful black-and-white woodcut prints. Color woodcuts will be discussed, and accomplished on a limited basis. 

Michael Keyes is a painter and woodcut printmaker. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wright State University, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ohio State University. He uses pencil drawing as the "entry activity" and basis for painting and printmaking. A wide range of subject matter intrigues him, including landscape, portraiture, and athletes in action. He is a member of PHAC, Aurora Artists Guild, Art Students League of Denver, and Red Delicious Press, and he currently shares his love of art with the youngsters at DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts) where he volunteers one afternoon a week with their after-school and summer art programs.
(720) 579-8760


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