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Landscape Painting: Oil and Acrylic -- Cliffton Austin -- $92.00

Design is king! We will focus on creating interesting designs from photo references. First, to sketch out some preliminary ideas on arrangement of shapes so that it has interest and composition. Second, to prepare the ground or panel to get us to the end result as quickly as possible. Third, apply the pastel in as few marks and meaningful marks as possible. Fourth, finish with light over dark to accent the center of interest.

Cliff will provide an updated materials list to students prior to the start of class.

The process will be to do some sketching, to arrange the shapes we see, into something interesting. Using only 3 values, white (paper) 30% grey and 70% grey. A quick discussion on the use of color and suggestions to create depth in a painting. Exercises in mark making. Then play, play, play. We learn more from playing and messing up than if we memorize a bunch of rules. Art is a language. I am still learning. Let’s learn together.


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