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Watercolor- Whimsy & Wild: Randy Hale -- $92.00


This class will be all about creating fun, whimsical imagery. We’ll create eye- popping paintings of animals, people, and other subjects - but in a way that’s totally unexpected. These little creations will get you mixing and using colors in ways you might not have thought of, too. However, you must be willing to leave your inhibitions at the door, be brave, and ready to try new things. It’ll definitely keep you fresh and loose as you give yourself permission to have a good time with your brushwork. 

Yes, you can expect to receive color illustrated class handouts and well-prepared instruction, including demos each week. Everyone will have plenty of time to paint in class and will always receive a great deal of one-on-one attention from the instructor.

Some experience in watercolor is recommended; class designed for all levels.

A Softer, Atmospheric Approach to Landscapes (in Watercolor): Randy Hale -- $92.00


This winter our Monday afternoon watercolor class will focus on working wet-in-wet – establishing softer, atmospheric landscapes. We’ll deal with elements that include snow, ice, waterfalls, and lakes.  Our lessons will include trees and forests, along with human influences and interactions. Our lessons will build one upon another. Our focus will be on Colorado imagery, but we will also have opportunities to visit other interesting locales in our reference material. Critiques will be designed to help everyone advance as we meet new challenges each week. 

This class is best suited for painters who want to stretch as well as hone their brush skills. You will be asked to think through your painting before setting brush-to-paper, have a coherent plan for how you intend to design your composition, understand the importance of assigning dominance to one shape, while supporting it with lesser important shapes. We will explore temperature dominance (color palette choices), and how to take the viewer to a specific place within your painting (near, middle, or far). The instructor’s lesson handouts, demos, and one-on-one instruction are all designed to help each painter push past limits to achieve new heights in their painting. Sign up early, these classes fill up fast! 

Intermediate level and above

Let's Draw People (and Some Animals, Too) -- $92.00

Randy Hale will be at Park Hill on Thursday mornings to teach a drawing class. We’ll sketch people caught in candid moments; we’ll even sketch some animals!  We’ll work with graphite, colored pencil on tinted paper, and occasionally introduce ink or watercolor background tones. 

Drawing of every sort helps the artist develop useful skills:  eye-hand coordination, being able to “see” proportion & replicate scale accurately.  Drawing is a skill learned thru practice. Without it a painter is adrift in a sea of good intentions.  So we learn to SEE, and then replicate what we see by drawing shapes.  All drawing is a series lines that form geometric shapes:  cubes, cylinders, spheres, and cones.  Join Randy on Thursdays - he’ll help you draw what you see!  Demos and critiques – of course!


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Denver 80207

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