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Creativity with Surface Textures -- Jo Ann Nelson $92

This work shop is designed to push the boundaries of your creativity and explorer some techniques with surface textures in an inspirational way.

These mixed medium ideas will give you a basis for making art that you will enjoy creating and will love to look at and to touch.  We will  paint, stamp, resist and more, during our time together.  We will do step by step and some free application to create  personal works of art.  The strong point of this work shop is having fun and learning to combining textures to create a surface that has mystery and will keep people guessing ?How did you do that"

Supply list for class one, the lists will be stated during each remaining session.

2 surfaces (canvases 16 x 20 approximately)

Acrylic paint, brushes, water container, table covering, water spray bottle

Masking tape, Elmer's glue all ( not school glue)

crayons or oil pastels Newspaper or book, music, sheet

Fabric, Fibers and Paper

These mixed medium classes are designed to add a new dimension to your art work, by the use of texture, mixed with colors. Some texture will be developed with additives and some will be by subtraction of textures to make new textures.All levels of artists may benefit from these classes, since the art principals and elements will be stressed with each new creation.

For the first class each artist will need 1 16 x 20 canvas as well as elmer's glue all, acrylic paints, brushes, a water container and table covering.

All other materials will be provided at no additional cost for the first class.

During each additional  class, instruction of the material that will be needed for the next class will be stated.


5209 Montview Blvd
Denver 80207

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