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Registration for Spring Classes 2019 won't appear below until Registration has opened on February 20.

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Upcoming events

    • 03/25/2019
    • 05/16/2019
    • Park Hill Art Club

    PHAC Spring classes will run for 8 weeks on Mondays and Thursdays beginning March 25 and ending on May 16.  

    Registration is not complete without payment.

    Please DO NOT register on behalf of other people. If you can't register online email for assistance.

    If you want to register yourself for more than one class, complete your first registration before starting the second.

    There are waitlists available for sold out classes. Please join the waitlist if you are interested in that class.

    • 04/25/2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    • 05/03/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 05/05/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 5209 Montview Boulevard, Denver 80207

    Welcome to registration for our Spring Show. We are looking forward to feature works from our many talented member artists.

    There have been some updates to the guidelines. Please read through them carefully to make sure you are taking advantage of the new opportunities.

    • 05/03/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 05/05/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 5209 Montview Boulevard, Denver 80207

    Please use this registration form to enter the labels for any hanging art you have registered for.

    • 05/17/2019
    • 10:00 AM
    • 05/18/2019
    • 4:00 PM
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    Watercolor Magic with Kathleen Lanzoni

    Using the exciting medium of watercolor, students will learn about creating a painting from sketch to a colorful finished piece. The focus of the workshop will be to enjoy learning watercolor techniques as well as composition, values and color of our subjects.

    Class begins with a discussion and demonstration, then working together, step by step, we get right to painting. Students will get individual feedback throughout the two days of painting. We will discuss many aspects of creative painting techniques and process with emphasis on enjoying the flow of water and paint on paper. Let’s have fun with the magic of watercolors!

    Price: $140 PHAC Members

    Kathleen is an award-winning artist with a passion for watercolor painting! Painting in the studio as well as Plein Air, she immerses herself in the fluidity and unpredictable qualities of watercolor paint to capture the brilliant light and colors of nature that are before her. The magic of layering translucent paint allows the light to shine from the surface, through the colors, to us as observers.

    Kathleen paints in a realistic painterly style, bringing the effect of changing light and color that describes the atmosphere, context and shape of the scene to the paper. She is an experienced instructor, exhibiting in many juried shows and galleries as well as participates around the country in Invitational plein air events.

    Kathleen grew up in both Montreal and California, and for over 27 years has enjoyed the endless subjects that living in Boulder, Colorado, offers. Kathleen was formally trained at the Art Institute of Boston and at the Massachusetts College of Art, graduating from both schools with a BFA.


    Watercolor paints – Use paints in tubes if available

    Brand is your option: I use Winsor Newton, which is professional grade.

    Winsor Newton Cotman brand is good and a very good price: student grade

    Suggested colors:

    Blue – French Ultramarine Blue

    Cobalt Blue

    Cerulean Blue

    Red – Permanent Rose or Permanent Alizarin Crimson

    Quinacridone Red

    Yellow – New Gamboge and/or transparent yellow

    Green – Sap green and/or Viridian Green

    Brown – Burnt Sienna

    Violet – Winsor Violet

    Watercolor Palette

    Watercolor Paper - approximately 9 x 12 –several sheets(approximately 4/day)

    Arches is a good brand to buy because they are consistent in quality.

    This can be in a pad or you can buy full size single sheets, 22 x 30, and then cut it into

    quarters. For this class, do not buy watercolor blocks, which are pads of paper sealed on the four sides.

    Sketch book, Pencil and Kneaded eraser

    Watercolor Brushes (not acrylic brushes)– 1 large wash brush, 1 round #12 min size,

    1 flat, 1 pointed or small round

    The brand I like is Silver Black Velvet

    Backing - masonite or foam core boards –larger than your paper size so we can tape it down

    Masking tape (not blue painters tape)

    Water cups

    Paper towels/tissue


5209 Montview Blvd
Denver 80207

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